About us

Why Esse Ti Elettronica is a leading innovative dynamic company?

Our company boasts continuous technological investments aiming to improve and quicken the production of the printed circuit boards.
But only thanks to the experience in this field and to the dynamic company structure combined with an enhancement of the human resources that we always achieve our target: to supply our customers with he best products at the most competitive price with top grade quality.

Who we are

Esse Ti Elettronica, thanks to more than 30 years' experience, nowadays successfully offers its customers the utmost technology in the manufacture of printed circuit boards for the most different fields of modern electronics, by complying with the developments required by the new technologies that have characterized the electronics market

The company structure, the commercial and the technical one, allow to face and solve any kind of problem connected to the design and production engineering of the circuit boards and to offer, with top grade quality, different types of product: from the simplest and cheapest circuit boards to the highly technological multilayer, manufactured from the prototyping up to the mass production.

Thanks to its flexibility and to its modern technologies, Esse Ti Elettronica is capable of producing advanced circuit boards with high manufacturing critical conditions, by offering also the service of quick samplings or by supplying small series of product in very short times

Esse Ti Elettronica consists of two industrial plants: in Cornedo Vicentino and in Castelgomberto in the province of Vicenza.